3 Reasons to Design Your Own Website

Whether you’re interested in creating a website for ecommerce purposes or simply to showcase your personal creativity, there’s never been a better time to do so. Long gone are the days of paying web designers to turn your visions into reality – we’ve now entered the era of the DIY website. Even if you’re web design experience is minimal to nonexistent, you should have no problem creating an aesthetically-pleasing, highly-functional website – provided, of course, and you have the right tools in your arsenal. Anyone who has their doubts about crafting their own website is urged to consider the following perks.

1. It’s Fun and Easy

In addition to being easy, crafting your own website can also be a lot of fun. Selecting fonts, templates and assorted imagery that reflect your personal vision is sure to invigorate your creative spirit and provide you with hours of enjoyment. This is particularly true in the case of Web.com’s convenient DIY ecommerce website builder. If abundant options and user-friendliness are what you seek, Web.com can deliver on all fronts.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Enlisting the services of a skilled web designer is guaranteed to cost you a pretty penny. While it’s true that many of these individuals do good work, there’s no reason to hire an outside designer if you have a clear vision of what you want and all the tools needed to make it a reality. Designing your own website stands to save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, enabling you to invest that money in other important areas.

3. It’s Your Show

When working with a professional web designer, the two of you are guaranteed to run into disagreements. Not surprisingly, people who have spent years creating websites often think they know better than their clients. As a result, many clients are forced to compromise their respective visions and make some creative concessions to the designers they work with. Conversely, taking the web design reins means that you’ll be able to exercise full creative control over the project. There’s nothing wrong with collaboration, but people who know exactly what they want out of a website are sure to appreciate not having to run their decisions by anyone else.

As recently as 10 years ago, it was fairly easy to distinguish a self-made website from one crafted by professional web designers. These days, however, the two are often impossible to tell apart. In addition to being fun, easy and cost-effective, DIY website building ensures that you’ll have creative control over your site’s aesthetics and functionality.

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